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Would You Wear Bamboo?

Would You Wear Bamboo

I used to think there was never anything that would be more comfy than cotton—until I came across my first bamboo yoga outfit. Here are just a few reasons why you should wear bamboo.

An Ethical Crop

Cotton is comfy but it’s not the most sustainable crop. Bamboo on the other hand is just as cozy and functional—but it’s far more sustainable. It requires little water to grow, never needs pesticides, and the fastest growing varieties grow up to 4 feet in 24 hours. It produces 35% more oxygen than the average tree and absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide.


As I mentioned my first bamboo clothing item was yoga wear. Not only was my outfit as comfortable as cotton, but it was more absorbent when I sweat—and did a better job of controlling odor. A truly pleasant surprise.

Where To Find Bamboo Clothing?

Bamboo workout attire can be found at Green Apple Active and workout and athleisurewear at Sweaty Betty. It’s yet to gain mainstream adoption but you can start to green your wardrobe by adding a bit more bamboo to the mix. If not bamboo, explore your options in organic cotton.

Bamboo is versatile and can also be used for paper, furniture, toys, flooring, and even roads. You can plant it in your yard to create a privacy wall or buy a beautiful indoor bamboo plant—which is super easy to care for.

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