Bored With Your White Home Décor?

Bored With Your White Home Décor

Minimalistic white goes in and out of style but if you are bored with your white home décor you don’t have to start from scratch.

Create A New Color Story

First things first, you will need to create a new color story so figure out what that is first. This might mean black and white, or white with a vibrant pop of color. You could also take your look eclectic with multiple colors and textures.

Swap Out Your Home Accessories

Instead of completely redecorating your all-white home swap out your home accessories. Start with your throw pillows, area rugs, art, lampshades, and window treatments. Next up, consider repainting or refinishing your white furniture. Last but not least, ditch those white walls.


If your white couches and chairs simply aren’t working, which is understandable because white is impossible to keep clean, you don’t necessarily need to replace them. If they already work in your space add a slip cover or have them reupholstered.

Redoing Your White Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is expensive but if you are bored with your white kitchen consider swapping out your counters or backsplash, paint or refinish your cabinets, or swap out the flooring. Find a way to make it work without a full remodel.

Here’s to your vibrant new home!

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