Why You Should Have Friends Of All Ages

Friends Of All Ages

As you look for ways to unsort your life from only socializing with others who fit into the same societal boxes as yourself, you must open your mind to having friends of all ages.

It’s Different In Our Youth

When you were 10 and your brother was 13 your age difference felt like decades. That is because the level of maturing we do in our youth is far more accelerated. Once we reach our mid 20s our maturing slows down and varies from one area of our life to the next. This means that age should not be a determining factor in who you befriend, as your common interests matter more.

It’s Ageist To Think Otherwise

Thinking that your friends must be your age is more than just sorting, it feeds into ageism. I have a friend who is constantly telling her mom what she can and cannot do in her 60s because she’s too old to start new things at her age. I reminder that powerhouse women like Oprah, Madonna, and Jane Fonda are 60 or older and still trying new things and living life to their fullest. And we must remember, that’s not how we want to be treated when we are 60. But defining someone solely by how young they are is equally as ageist.

Yes, You Can Have Common Ground With Someone Older Or Younger

Think of your favorite aunt, uncle, or older cousin—or even your grandparents. There’s an age difference but you can find much in common. And no, the age difference doesn’t have to be mentor and mentee. Maybe you both love to cook, enjoy the same music, like to read the same books, or have the same spiritual beliefs. Besides, we’ve all meant 20 year olds who are wise beyond their years, and adults who seem a bit immature. It’s not about their age, it’s about the individual.

Yes, there may be times when the age difference is apparent but that’s not a bad thing. Older friends have wisdom and experience to impart, and younger friends can open your mind, keep you current—and keep you young at heart!

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