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The Benefits Of Stretching

Benefits Of Stretching

Cardio and strength training get all the attention but don’t underestimate the benefits of stretching.

It Alleviates Tension And Stress

There are two primary causes of tension, physical and mental. Physical tension is most often created by injury, repetitive movement, poor posture, and exercise. Mental stress is the result of a variety of factors that cause us to carry our tension in our body. By stretching with intention, you can alleviate much of your tension and stress. Steaming, taking an Epsom salt bath, and getting a massage can also help.

Increased Flexibility And Range Of Motion

Your goal never needs to be extreme flexibility, but we must not lose site of the fact that if we stop stretching our muscles it will gradually reduce our range of motion—and increase our risk of balance related injuries.

Health Boosting Benefits Of Stretching

Gentle stretching helps to ease pain and inflammation, cleanse toxins from our muscles and joints, and increase circulation. This includes stretching pre and post-workout, but you can also stretch or do yoga any time of day. Just don’t force movement and take deep cleansing breaths while you stretch.

Stretching first thing in the morning and right before you go to bed will start and end your day off right!

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