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Is Downsizing Really Worth It?

Is Downsizing Really Worth It

There is a growing mindset shift that bigger isn’t better and that downsizing can simplify your life. But is downsizing really worth it?

Simplifying Your Life

While a tiny home may never be the right fit for you and your partner or family, going smaller can simplify your life. The larger your home the more stuff you subconsciously (or consciously) feel you need. With less to manage, clean and organize the easier your life. It also means decreased odds of clutter.

Deprivation Is Not The Goal

The motto of Tiny Home Nation is “downsizes to upgrade”. This means focusing more on items that bring us joy and that positively enhance our homes and our life. It’s about letting go of what is not useful. Value and meaning are the goal, not deprivation. That doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging to sort through your things, but it’s not about doing without—it’s about creating freedom.

Cost Saving Benefits

We talked about the time-saving benefits of downsizing, but it also comes with cost-saving benefits. A smaller home has a lower house or rental payment, and utility costs are lower. A smaller yard is easier and less expensive to maintain. The less furniture and home accessories, the less you spend on decorating. This means more money to invest in living the life of your dreams!

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