Relationships Aren’t Perfect

Relationships Aren’t Perfect

While you must never accept behavior that is destructive you can’t lose sight of the fact that relationship aren’t perfect. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind for your love life.

Don’t Compare Your Relationships To Others

It is natural to have a couple whose relationship we aspire to achieve, but what works for them might not work for you. Also, what a relationship looks like behind closed doors is often not what it looks like in public. I once had a friend whose relationship was the one everyone wanted. But when their daughter turned 18, they divorced and said they hadn’t been happy together for many years. The way they presented themselves was entirely different from the reality of their relationship. So, don’t compare because you don’t really know.

You Will Never Agree On Everything

Having a difference of opinion doesn’t need to lead to an argument. It is possible to respect someone’s opinion without agreeing with them. That being said, healthy couples express when they are hurt or not feeling heard—and sometimes you will argue. Rough patches aside, your arguments should not be your primary means of communication. If it is it may be time for couple’s counseling.

You Don’t Have To Have Everything In Common

One of the top things couples argue about is interests and hobbies. While you must have at least a few things you enjoy doing together, you certainly don’t have to have everything in common—and you don’t need to do everything together. Support each other in your individual hobbies, yes, but you don’t have to share all of the same interests. Besides your individual hobbies will give you something to chat about.

Let go of the fairy tale, picture perfect and prioritize authenticity and open lines of communication.

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