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Art Journaling For Creative Expression

Art Journaling For Creative Expression

If traditional journaling isn’t a good fit consider art journaling instead. Just like written journaling the goal isn’t to create a work of art but to express yourself.

What Is Art Journaling?

Instead of writing in journal pages you fill up your journal with art—if not a bound journal, individual art pages. You might draw, paint, or collage. Your page may be full and colorful or sparse with just a few colors. You might do a theme, or every page may tell its own story.

You’ve Been Doing It For Years

Visual journaling isn’t something new. In fact, it something most of us did without second thought as kids and teens. Like when you doodled on your notebook or binder. It’s a form of creative expression, meditation and mindfulness.

Perfection Is Not The Goal

It’s all about the process, not the finished product. There is no right or wrong, and the goal is creativity—not pretty or perfect. Just do what you feel. Start with what you have at home including markers, colored pencils, painting, stamps, scrapbook supplies, printed photos and images, or cutting images and lettering out of magazines and newspapers.

Feel free to share your art journal with others or keep your work as a private expression.

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