How To Reconnect With Those You Love

Reconnect With Those You Love

Between work, family, social life, and our digital distractions we can become disconnected from our nearest and dearest—even when they live under the same roof. Here is how to reconnect with those you love.


Digital communication plays a vital role in everyday life but if you’ve lost touch it’s time to talk. Just hearing each other’s voice, tone and personality makes all the difference. If they live out of state, talk or video chat—but the best way to reconnect is always in person.

Make A Plan

Once you reconnect you must make it a goal to stay connected, which means you must make plans. This can be scheduled phone calls, video chats, coffee, lunch, social outings, or a vacation. This doesn’t just keep the two of you or your group connected but helps create balance in your life. Be sure to unplug during your time together.

Let Them Know How Much They Mean

You know how much your friends, family and partner mean to you but they may have no idea how much they mean to you. If you can’t imagine your life without them, if you adore their quirks, if you are proud of their accomplishments, if they always know the right thing to say—whatever it is let them know why they mean so much to you.

Life gets busy but it’s not worth living without those who bring us joy!

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