How To Rock Boho Fashion

Rock Boho Fashion

Do you love the look of gauzy boho fashion but aren’t sure how to add this casual cool style to your wardrobe? Here are a few tips for making boho work for your every wardrobe.

Mix And Match

There’s no need to go head to toe boho or folk fashion. To make your look more modern mix and match this trend with different textures and shapes. A leather skirt with a peasant top, a fitted tank with a flowing skirt, or wear handmade boho accessories with your more polished and professional looks. If it’s a boho dress, feel free to add some edgy hardware or pair it with booties, stilettos or a semi-casual sandal.

Buy Authentic While You Travel

Boho can be bought off the rack but the best looks are ones you find while traveling. Why? Because each item is authentic, handcrafted, and a true work of art. Every country you go to has specialized handcrafted techniques. Buying authentic keeps these techniques alive and is also a green way to shop. Not to mention the unique additions to your wardrobe.

The great think about boho and folk fashions is that they are timeless classics that you can wear for many years to come. Since they are handmade from natural fibers make sure you understand how to launder, in most cases laying flat to dry.

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