Move Your Workout Outdoors

Move Your Workout Outdoors

Things are heating up making now the perfect time to move your workout outdoors.

Do What You Already Do Outside

Move from the treadmill to the outdoor track, from the stationary bike to a mountain bike, or from the indoor fitness class to the outside fitness class. The new scenery will be a nice change of pace and the fresh air will keep you motivated.

Take Advantage Of Outdoor Activities

Now is the time to squeeze in workouts that don’t feel like workouts. Play with the kids, take your dog for a walk and a game of tag or fetch, fly a kite, go hiking, ride a horse, surf, water ski, rock climb, play tennis, or sign up for an outdoor sport.

Walk It Out

Never underestimate the value of taking a long but leisurely stroll, or the excess calories burned hiking, or a brisk walk. Walk short distances that you would typically drive during cooler months, walk during your lunch break, or go on an outdoor date to stroll around a local park. If you live by a beach walking on the sand can be a solid workout. Yes, you’ll still need cardio and strength training but the goal is to create more opportunities to move your body.

Health is about committing to small but meaningful life changes. Find activities that you genuinely enjoy to make your workout both physically and mentally beneficial.

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