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Being Childlike But Not Childish

Being Childlike But Not Childish

As we search for more ways to create balance in our lives we must return to the wonder and openness of our youth. Here’s how to be childlike but not childish.

Have An Eagerness To Learn

Children are eager to learn about everything and are masters at asking insightful questions. They aren’t yet know it all’s and they take ownership when they get things wrong. Yes, children are at a stage in their life when so much is new and unknown, but as adults we must not lose sight that there will always be more we don’t know than we do.


Children are far more resilient and able to bounce back and keep trying until they get things right. They don’t yet have a concept of shame that many adults feel because they are at a stage in life where they will fail at most things many times before they get it right. But like Einstein failing 1,000 times before he got the lightbulb right they just keep going.

They Know Joy

We could all use a bit more play in our lives and our play time and downtime should be time that is fully present. Kid’s look for every opportunity to play and focus all their attention in their joy-filled moments. So get down on all fours and play with your furbaby!

Allowing yourself to get back in touch with your childlike nature reduces stress, increases creativity and innovation, and reminds you of what is really important in life.

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