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Living Outside The Status Quo

Living Outside The Status Quo

We live in an exciting time of embracing authenticity and defining your life by your own standards, definition of happiness and success. It’s an empowering time but living outside the status quo has a lot of contrast.

Not Everyone Will Get It, And That’s Ok

We must be mindful of where we invest our energy and trying to explain yourself to someone who finds your life odd, radical, extreme, or even sad isn’t a good use of your time. Say what you need to say briefly, just one or two times, and invest the bulk of your time in those who don’t judge, shame or expect you to change.

Find Your Tribe

Living outside societal norms can feel lonely but once you find your tribe you will feel empowered. Just make sure to achieve balance and refrain from sorting as there are always those whose life choices look different than yours—but will support you in all you do.

Keep Growing

Every generation has glass ceilings to break through. As impossible as it feels don’t stop once you achieve your goal. Always push yourself to keep growing. Keep reading, keep exploring, and keep your mind open.

There is a freedom in a life outside the norm, one that many will never understand.

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