7 Fun Friend Date Ideas

Fun Friend Date Ideas

With the amount of time we spend digitally connected we must make the most of our face-to-face time with our BFFs. Here are 7 fun friend date ideas.

  1. Movie Marathon—bring some wine, make it a diet cheat day and settle in and binge watch your favorite movies or TV series.
  2. Local Tourist—even if you have both lived in your city your entire life there are sure to be at least a few attractions or tours you have yet to try or haven’t been to in forever. Even browse Airbnb Experiences.
  3. Take A Fun Class—a new fitness fad, paint by numbers class, personal development seminar, specialty cooking class, or whatever sparks your interest. Learn, grow and do it together.
  4. Spa Day—head for a mani and pedi, full-spa day, or do an at-home spa day.
  5. Volunteer—there is nothing that feels better than giving back in your local community and it will be more meaningful if you share the experience together.
  6. Picnic—romance might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of picnics, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Prepare your picnic food together or stop by a gourmet deli.
  7. Plan A Party—we could all use more time with our friends, so plan a dinner party, cocktail party or potluck with your friends. Bonus points if you pick a theme!

Have fun!

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