Is AI Your New Personal Shopper?

Is AI Your New Personal Shopper

What do you get when you combine 360-degree smart mirrors with artificial intelligence and augmented reality? An entirely new way to shop for fashion and cosmetics. In the next few years AI will be your new personal shopper.

Learning And Catering To Your Style

The newest AI software knows the quick questions to ask to determine your style goals. Within minutes, AI can create an endless variety of looks. As you approve or deny the looks the software gets smarter—creating a more refined shopping experience. If a store or beauty brand has smart mirrors, it will show you how the clothing or makeup looks on you.

Faster Shopping

AI will keep a history of your past purchases and suggest new items that match your signature style. Not to worry if you have many styles, as you are able to have more than one look. For example, suited up for work, on-trend for after hours, athleisure wear, and formal.

Sustainable And Minimalist Fashion Choices

You can still browse the racks, but once you find a new top—AI will show you how it will work with your current wardrobe and suggest new purchases that will increase its versatility. For the environmentally conscious it can shop by department store brands that are eco-conscious.

Adoption is slow, but in the next few years you can expect both online and brick and mortar retailers to offer personal shopping AI.

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