What To Do When You Feel Happiness Guilt

When You Feel Happiness Guilt

Happiness and joy are extensions of love, and feelings we should aspire to achieve each day. So why is it that when we start to feel happy that guilt sets in? Here is how to identify happiness guilt and hang on to your joy for as long as you can.

Guilt When Someone Else Is Down And Out

Sometimes when happiness sparks we cut it off out of guilt that our life is going better than one of our nearest and dearest. We think things like “I don’t want them to think I’m bragging” or “I don’t want them to feel worse about their circumstances”. Then we minimize our joy, keep it to ourselves, or shut it down completely. What we should be doing is sharing our joy as healthy friends and family will be happy for us, and better yet inspired by our joy.

Fear That It Won’t Last

Another common response to joy is that we feel we are undeserving and fear that it won’t last. In an attempt to minimize our disappointment when our happiness runs out, we bring our joy to a screeching halt—looking for or creating drama and stress. The healthier choice is to relax into our happiness, attracting more good our way. If a negative or fearful thought creeps in replace it with two happy ones.

Life is meant to be happy so we must live it to the fullest to keep it going.

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