How To Use Face Masks For Anti-Aging

Face Masks For Anti-Aging

With the versatile and growing selection of face masks you can find online and in-store, you can create an at-home beauty routine that minimizes your need for spa facials. Here’s how to use face masks for anti-aging.

Exfoliate First

First things first, you need to apply your face mask to a clean and dry face. If your skin is sensitive only exfoliate once per week. If your skin in not sensitive, you can exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week, always before a cleansing face mask. This will slough off dead skin for a deeper clean.

Cleansing Masks

Cleansing masks that harden or peel off should be used only 1 time per week. Clay and mud masks are the most versatile, but you can mix things up with charcoal and condition-specific masks. Never leave on longer than directed and always follow up with a 2-step serum and moisturizer.

Hydrating Serum Masks

The growing trend in K-beauty serum masks delivers masks that can be used up to 7 days a week, solo, or under your evening anti-aging cream. Test several different types of masks to see which works best for you and switch up your masks by season. This also includes rich cream masks. Use homemade masks as directed, but most are only used 1 or 2 times weekly.

Under Eye Masks

While cleansing and serum masks are designed to be used in the evening, under eye masks are designed to be used any time of day—typically in the morning. These will de-puff, tighten and firm. Use on a clean face, before you apply makeup or moisturizers.

You will still need periodic facials but may be able to decrease the frequency by half. And yes, men can use anti-aging beauty masks too!

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