Soothing Sounds To Help You Sleep

Soothing Sounds For Sleep

Whether the silence is uncomfortable, your mind is buzzing, or external noise is keeping you up—these soothing sounds will help you sleep.

Sound Machine

These have been around forever and are still an effective means of helping you snooze. Most come with sounds of nature—rain, wind, ocean sounds, birds chirping, forest sounds, and more. Where these options really stand out is in the clarity of sound compared to listening to sleep sounds on your phone or computer. If you don’t have a sound machine head over to for the same effect.

YouTube Sleep Videos

If you haven’t yet, type “sleep sounds” into YouTube for an endless option of soothing sounds. This includes sounds of nature, ASMR, classical music, binary beats, chanting, chimes and gongs, and more. If your goal is to block out external noise, opt for an 8-hour white noise option. Just be sure to turn off autoplay so that when your video ends the next one doesn’t jar you awake.

Affirmations Or Meditations

Another thing I like to listen to before bed or while in bed are guided meditations or affirmations. You can find many on YouTube or purchase your own from your favorite spiritual healers. My go-to is usually Louise Hay who has a variety of options to choose from. Head to to download her 101 Power Thoughts for free.

Happy sleeping!

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