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Do You Really Want To Retire Early?

Do You Really Want To Retire Early

Early retirement sounds like a dream, right? It’s the primary goal of the FIRE Method but have you ever talked to someone who has saved up enough to retire early? You might be surprised that you need to have a plan in place for how to invest your newfound free time.

Lack Of Purpose Is Problematic For Most

It might sound impossible but the thing you will miss the most is the structure of a daily routine. The specific stressors, no but the structure—yes. Don’t get me wrong, lounging around and planning your day as you go may be fun at first but it is likely to grow old quickly. Boredom and even loneliness can set in if you don’t make some sort of daily, weekly and ongoing plans. It doesn’t have to be the same thing every day and your day doesn’t need to be jam packed, but having a purpose is a must.

Make A List Of All You Wish To Do

To avoid boredom and tension with your partner make a list of all the things you wish you had time to do, and that you are waiting to do until you retire. As silly as it sounds, with so many possibilities once you retire you can feel so overwhelmed by your options that you can’t figure out what to do. The list should include:

  • Bucket List
  • Books to read
  • Charities to volunteer with
  • Projects around the house
  • Clubs or groups you would like to join
  • Hobbies you want to try
  • Where you want to travel
  • Large life goals—writing a book, going back to school, learning a new skill set
  • And more!

With a strategy of living a life of your own design your early retirement will bring new meaning to your life.

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