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Is Celery Juice Really All The Rage?

Is Celery Juice Really All The Rage

With a new book out Medical Medium Celery Juice by Anthony William and hundreds of thousands of claims and hashtagable stories, you might be wondering if celery juice is the healing solution you’ve been waiting for. We are all for turning to nature to heal and nurture our bodies, but is there really just one cure-all superfood solution?

In Short Answer—No

It’s not that drinking a full bunch of juice celery every morning 15 minutes before you eat won’t help, but is it a catch-all miracle cure—no. Think back over the years to the other superfood and health claims that promise recovery. From wheatgrass to acai, pomegranate juice, or even claims that if you neti pot every day you’ll never get sick. While all of these solutions can boost your health, everyone responds differently to an increase in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Is It Just The Placebo Effect?

The placebo effect is so powerful that for a new drug to be approved it must outperform the placebo. This means that with every new drug tested that many humans heal their bodies by the simple belief that the sugar pill or other placebo treatment is working. That is how powerful our minds are. This leaves many to question if the claims of celery healing everything from mental health to psoriasis, digestive issue, autoimmune disorders and cancer—is just a placebo.

Like anything, it’s worth giving celery juice a try and worth believing it will help. But, if there were one miracle health solution wouldn’t we all be using it?

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