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Why You Should Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Living a life that is predictable sounds comfortable but it’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Embracing The Challenge

When every day and every decision becomes groundhog’s day life gets monotonous. That being said, not everything in your life should be in constant flux. We must actively keep our minds open and look for new and innovative ways to do everything we do. We must always try new things, even if they scare us. Especially when they scare us.

Discomfort Makes Us Grow

It is the greatest challenges in life that provide the most growth opportunity but look for little growth opportunities. For example, instead of creating a solo plan for a project at work—collaborate with others. This can be uncomfortable if you already have a direction you want to go in mind or if you prefer to work solo, but statistically, a collaborative approach garners significantly greater outcomes.

Our Brain Will Go For What’s Comfortable First

Decision making takes a lot of energy so our brain is wired to go for the fastest, easiest and most comfortable solution. This is a plain and simple fact of human biology. Stopping to consider other options takes more time, but is worth it in the long run. This will also create new pathways in your brain which is good for your brain health.

Here’s to rethinking uncomfortable as a positive!

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