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Do You Use Green Skincare Products?

Green Skincare Products

The average women layers on 12 beauty products each day, containing over 168 toxic chemicals. Don’t think you use 12 products? Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hair product, body wash, lotion, face moisturizer, lip balm, makeup, and more. You might actually use more than 12 products! Here is how to tell if you are using green skincare products.

Read The Ingredient List

Product packaging can be deceiving as it may use phrases like “made with natural ingredients” or “made with pomegranate”. However, neither statement ensures that the product is entirely green. You should be familiar with most ingredients but some natural ingredients have scientific names, so using an app can help.

Scan The Bar Code

There are a variety of apps that let you scan a product bar code or type the product name in to see how clean a product is. Top picks are ThinkDirty and GoodGuide which also has household cleaning products. If a product has an EWG (Environmental Working Group) certification or is organic certified you know you are good to go.

Don’t Feel You Have To Go Green 100%

It took several months but little by little I swapped out my products for greener alternatives, most of which work better. But, I still have some products that I can’t let go of—either daily or on occasion. Aim for somewhere around a 90% swap and you will drastically reduce the amount of chemicals absorbed through your skincare and beauty products.

Here’s to greening your beauty routine!

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