Do You Really Want To Be In A Relationship?

Do You Really Want To Be In A Relationship

While your long-term goal may be to find your forever partner, right now might not be the right time. Here is how to tell if you really want to be in a relationship.

Your Still Working On You

We are all a work in progress but if you realize you have some major self-work to do now is probably not the right time to start a new relationship. If you are already in a relationship let your partner know you have some work to do and let them know what kind of support you need. If they can’t deliver it might be time for a break.

You Aren’t Ready To Be Vulnerable

Trust is not built overnight but if you are still reeling from your past relationship or struggle overall to be open and vulnerable then you aren’t ready. Your trust is something that needs to be earned but is also a mutual exchange. Spend more time participating in activities that open your heart and it will make it easier to open up to friends, family and potential love interests.

You Don’t Have The Time

If you just went back to school, are focusing on your career, or are in the midst of a major life transition—it’s ok to take a pause from dating. Just make sure that you don’t allow any busy time in life to keep you from maintaining a healthy social life—so be sure to make time for your besties.

There are times you just don’t want to be in a relationship and that’s ok!

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