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How Judgment Leads To A Life Of Lies

How Judgment Leads To A Life Of Lies

Are you someone who makes snap decisions about everyone you meet? At some extent, we all make assumptions and draw unverified conclusions. But sometimes in the name of intuition or a high level of perceptiveness we rapidly judge others. This judgmental behavior can lead to a life of lies.

False Narratives

When you don’t take the time to get to know someone or pressure someone to overshare personal information before you have earned the right to be trusted—you end up creating false narratives. The problem arises when you forget that the story you created is not reality.


Not all judgement comes from false narratives but from truth. We all make mistakes but when we judge someone else for their past and refuse to acknowledge their growth, our lack of forgiveness becomes toxic. People can and do change and an unwillingness to forgive robs us of fulfilling relationships.

In Authenticity

As someone who judges others harshly you likely judge yourself harshly. This can lead to a life of inauthenticity where you invest more time covering up your past mistakes or trying to shape the way you want to be perceived—that you end up living a life that is inauthentic.

Letting go of the judgment of yourself and others requires vulnerability, but leads to a life that is filled with far more joy.

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