Why We Could All Use More Compersion In Our Lives

We All Need More Compersion

It’s a word born out of the poly community but one we can all embrace in our platonic relationships. Compersion is the act of being in empathetic joy for those you love. It’s a word that can transform your life and relationships.

The Opposite Of Jealousy

Until compersion there was no real opposite of jealousy. Happy was close, but not quite the right fit. It is the act of feeling joyful, inspired, and genuinely supportive when the ones you love achieve success, decide to pursue their dreams, find love, or experiences great joy. It’s being in their excitement with them.

The Ultimate Form Of Gratitude

We all want what is best for the ones we love but sometimes this leads us to a fear-based response, one that encourages minimum risk. By adopting this new concept you start to think less about what you would do, more about what your loved one wants—and you become grateful for when they live in their authenticity.

Transformed Relationships

You can create a positive ripple effect in your life and the life of others by shifting your mindset. This can transform your relationships and even positively impact your personal relationships.

Here’s to a new way of thinking!

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