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Study Proves That Diets Are Different For Everyone

Diets Are Different For Everyone

It’s something nutritionists have been telling us for years, that there is no one-size-fits-all diet. A recent study provides an in-depth look at how diets are different for everyone.

1,100 People With Vastly Different Results

The study included 1,100 adults, including 240 pairs of twins. Everyone was given a standard diet with a mix of healthy, mid-range, and less than healthy foods. To eliminate human error, participants had a blood glucose monitor embedded under their skin. The study found that, no—eating the same foods did not deliver the same glucose readings. Not even in twins. Some participants had the expected spike after eating carbs, while others did not.

Fitness Was Not A Factor

In looking for possible reasons why some people spiked while others didn’t, levels of physical fitness were factored in. Even the researchers were surprised to learn that physical fitness did not impact blood glucose. Some who were very active had spiked after eating while some did not. What was consistent were each individual’s results. If someone’s glucose spiked after eating good or bad carbs, they were sure to spike again the next time they ate carbs.

What this means is the nutrition must be personalized to the individual, which is best achieved by working with a skilled nutritionist or dietary expert.

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