Does Dating Longer Lead To A More Successful Marriage?

Dating Longer For A Longer Marriage

Have you ever wondered how long you should date someone before you get married? There is no 100 percent right or wrong answer and the thought process if often generational. But dating longer before marriage can increase how long you stay together.

Millennials Prefer 3 Years

A generation set on not repeating their parent’s mistakes, Millennials are dating longer before they marry. They are committed and often living together for several years before tying the knot—if they choose to marry at all. Statistics show that by dating for at least 3 years first, marriages last an average of 39 percent longer.

Slow Love, Fast Sex

While Millennial parents waited months or even until they were married to have sex, their kids aren’t following the same rule. Many are having sex within the first few dates and waiting for love to follow. It’s the opposite approach but one that ensures there is great physical chemistry too.

Marriage Is A Decision Not A Goal

Last but not least, many Millennials don’t see marriage as a goal or box to check off to fulfill a societal expectation—but as a decision to partner with another person. They also enter into marriage with a greater understanding that their marriage may not last forever, and if the times comes that they will lovingly and respectfully let one another go. This mindset shift is healthier and more realistic for everyone involved, including the kids.

While dating and marriage look different today than our parents generation the focus on an authentic connection is stronger than ever!

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