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Is There A Difference Between Spirituality And Religion?

Difference Between Spirituality And Religion

Some might say its semantics while others are adamant there is a distinct difference. Here are the key differences between spirituality and religion.

What Is Religion?

Unlike spirituality, religions come with set rules—at the very least a doctrine to follow. These rules and doctrine are open to interpretation but most who have left or avoid religion feel limited by the rules. Religions also have one or more god that is worshiped.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality means a feeling of interconnectedness. It is an empowered way of thinking and being and most gravitate toward spiritual practices because they can find what works for them. This might include time in nature, yoga, meditation, energy practices, crystal healing, and more.

Can You Be Religious And Spiritual?

Absolutely! You can worship and practice a set religion but still live your life and adjust your thoughts to an inclusive and interconnected mindset. With the growing trend in non-denominational and multi-doctrine churches and communities it is easier to find what works for you.

Last but not least, as you grow and evolve as a person you may find different practices and belief systems that work for you. Most importantly, we must respect that others have a right to their own religious or spiritual practices.

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