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How To Help A Loved One Who Is In Grief

Help A Loved One Who Is In Grief

As a loved one you might feel helpless when a friend or family member is in grief. Here are a few tips for remaining supportive.

Grief Is Not Just For Death

If a friend has recently experienced a loss of any kind it can lead to grief. Death is one of the most common causes, but also a platonic or romantic relationship coming to an end, the death of a pet, lost job, or a dream that has failed.

Don’t Do Nothing

Your loved one is likely feeling alone and as though no one understands what they are going through. Unfortunately, times of grief are when many friends pull away—because they don’t know what to do or say. Now is the time to stay in touch, and if anything to reach out more not less.

Understand That They Are Not Themselves Right Now

Your loved one is in the midst of intense and painful emotions. This may include sadness, depression, anger and guilt. Their emotions and behavior may make it more uncomfortable for you to be around your loved one, but now is the time to be patient and understanding.

It won’t be easy but your friend will always remember you were there in their darkest time.

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