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    Budget Vacation Ideas

    Budget Vacation Ideas

    Just because your budget is tight doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your time off. Here are 10 budget vacation ideas.

    1. Go glamping or camping maybe to the nearest regional park.
    2. Travel anywhere regionally with cheap accommodations found on Airbnb.
    3. Book a last-minute cruise or flight for a rock bottom price.
    4. Check out flights deals Spirit airlines whose prices are always low, just be mindful that under the seat luggage is free but you must pay both checked and overhead luggage. Also, browse Skyscanner.
    5. Travel to a popular tourist spot during the off-season which is always cheaper, just make sure the weather won’t be uncomfortably extreme.
    6. Visit family or friends that have room for you to crash which will cut down on your travel expenses—just make sure they are comfortable with having guests.
    7. Sign up on a house or pet sitting website to stay somewhere for free.
    8. Have a staycation where you do local tours, excursion, or Groupon activities—just make sure you really commit to being a local tourist.
    9. Do a weekend spa or wellness getaway package.
    10. Book your trip at least a year in advance to enjoy cheaper travel prices.

    Whatever you do be sure to make your time off a mix of fun and relaxation so that you return to work recharged!

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