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3 Reasons Why Self-Care Is Essential Not Indulgent

Self-Care Is Essential

We might say it’s because we are too busy but many of us skip self-care because we believe it’s an indulgence—even a luxury that we don’t deserve. Here is are 3 reasons why self-care is essential.

Stress Reduction

It doesn’t matter what type of self-care you are speaking of, when you make the time in your schedule it will boost the feel-good hormones in your body—rapidly reducing your stress. The key is to be consistent and to not wait until you are at or past your breaking point.

Physical Health

Even if your preferred method of self-care is not directly related to your physical health the increased frequency of healthy hormones will boost your immunity from head to toe. Take things to the next level with a health-boosting massage, Epsom salt bath, steam, or yoga.

Emotional And Mental Health

As you look for more ways to manage and balance your mind, body, and spirit—self-care must be part of your routine. Not only will your practice feel good but it will give you the much-needed time to clear your head. This time can provide clarity and focus and can also give you the time you need to feel what you feel.

Here’s to making your self-time a priority!

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