3 Places You Should Add To Your Grocery Shopping Mix

Grocery Shopping Mix

Even with a full grocery store of options, as someone who eats a diet low in processed foods, you may find yourself looking for some fun new food options. Here are 3 places you add to your grocery shopping mix.

Ethnic Grocery Stores

You can find Asian, Latin and African grocery stores in almost every mid-sized city. The benefit of popping in at least once a month is that you can find a wider variety of produce, spices, and sometimes meat and seafood. For example, many African grocery stores sell goat purchased from local farms. Be sure to browse the nut, seed, grain, and legumes section for a wider variety than in standard grocery stores—often at more attractive price points.

Farmers, Farmer’s Markets, And Local Food Artisans

Buying your produce directly from local farms, farmers markets, co-ops, and farm shares is one way to access fresh, often organic, and diverse range of produce—year-round depending on where you live. But also shop the specialty products sold by your farmers and artisans, including cheese, yogurt, jams, pickled goods, baked goods, sauces, handmade noodles, specialty meats, and more. These signature food products are a fun way to mix up your daily shopping.

Gourmet And Imported Food Stores

Don’t let the word “gourmet” keep you away as you can find some fantastic, food finds. From gourmet olive oil to imported canned goods, coffee, teas, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, sauces, crackers, and more. Yes, these items are often a bit more expensive—but can really make cooking more fun.

Here’s to keeping cooking healthy and delicious!

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