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How To Make Your Workouts Less Boring

How To Make Your Workouts Less Boring

There are times when hopping on a treadmill or elliptical machine is rhythmic and meditative, but sometimes we get stuck in a workout rut and need to mix things up a bit. Here are a few ways to make your workout less boring.

  1. Switch to a different cardio machine. Even if it’s not one you love or use often it will present a new physical challenge that will keep you engaged in your workout.
  2. Give a workout app a try, as you can find a wide variety of fun, all-level mini workouts.
  3. Mix up your workout routine with a combination of gym workouts and fitness classes.
  4. Take advantage of the weather when it’s warm and head outside to play sports, walk, jog, hike, cycle, swim, and more.
  5. Invite a friend with you to the gym or fitness studio as working out is always more fun with a friend.
  6. Try a fitness or workout fad you have never tried before. Even if you don’t keep at it at least you tried something new. Or you could even try a new gym.
  7. Sign up for personal training, either solo or as part of a small group. If not a standard trainer, private yoga or Pilates.

For best results, mix things up before you feel yourself getting bored!

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