Your New Back To School Morning Routine

Back To School Morning Routine

The kids will be back to school before you know it, meaning it’s time to start thinking about your new morning routine. Here are a few ways to make mornings easier for everyone.

  1. Discuss the kid’s new school-year bedtimes and have them start heading to bed at that time 2 weeks before school starts.
  2. Be sure you get to bed at a reasonable hour too.
  3. Get the kids in the habit of laying out what they want to wear the night before, as well as packing their backpack.
  4. Make lunch the night before or distribute lunch money for the week on Sundays.
  5. Build a 15-minute window of extra time into the morning schedule, but don’t let the kids know the extra time is there.
  6. Establish a 5-minute morning ritual for your kids to do after they wake. This might be 5 minutes of morning snuggles, reading an inspirational quote for the day, stretching, a quick meditation, or setting an intention for the day ahead.
  7. Try to make mornings fun instead of stressful. What this means will vary from one child to the next. Maybe play some fun morning music?

These are just a few ways to make this year’s back to school morning routine easier!

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