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Cultivating Empathetic Joy Will Change Your Life For The Better

Cultivating Empathetic Joy

Empathetic joy is the concept of having joy for another person’s joy. This Mahayana Buddhist philosophy is the opposite of both jealousy and envy, and a practice that can positively transform your life.

Jealousy And Envy Are A Form Of Suffering

Whether they are something you feel regularly or only on occasion, both jealousy and envy keep you in a state of suffering. Neither are feelings you intend to feel toward a loved one as you want your loved ones to be happy and successful. Make no mistake, they see, feel, and hear your unhealthy response. This can damage your relationships and keep them from sharing with you in the future. Even more, these toxic feelings keep you in a state of never enough. But you have no need to feel either—ever.

Their Joy Is Your Joy

To overcome jealousy and envy and respond with empathetic joy you must be honest and feel your feelings. The next time someone shares their joy, success, or a major life change take a moment to observe how their joy makes you feel. If you feel anything less than happy, repeat the mantra “Because we are one, your joy is my joy. Your success is my success. I am grateful for your joy.” It may take more than a few tries, but you will begin to respond with sincere happiness and joy that is equal to their own.

By being a supportive and joyful friend or family member, you will cultivate more to be grateful for in your life too!

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