Preparing Your Home For An Extended Vacation

Preparing Your Home For An Extended Vacation

While what to pack may be your top priority you want to return to a home that is clean, organized, and welcoming. If you will be heading out for an extended vacation turn to the tips below.

  1. Empty the fridge of cheese, yogurt, dairy, fresh produce, leftovers, and anything else that may expire before you leave.
  2. Purchase a few heat-and serve-meals and shelf-stable food, snacks, and beverages so that you have something quick and easy to prepare upon return.
  3. Put your mail on hold with the post office or have a friend or neighbor check your mail.
  4. Arrange to have a house sitter or cleaning service stop by once a week to clean, water plants, and keep an eye on your home.
  5. Invest in a few plant watering globes or bulbs or make your own with a wine bottle or other long-neck bottle.
  6. Change your sheets and towels so that you will return to fresh linens.
  7. Do all your laundry so it’s not smelly when you return.
  8. Invest in a smart home system to turn your lights on and off, maybe even your TV or sound system, while you are a way to make it look as though someone is home.
  9. Set up home security cameras to keep an eye on your home from afar.

Enjoy your extended vacation!

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