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3 Ways Mirroring Conversation Can Boost Your Communication Skills

Mirroring Conversation

Mirroring conversation can be beneficial in many ways. Here are the top 3 ways it can improve your communication skills.

It Makes You A Better Listener

Without knowing it you may be injecting your own feelings, beliefs, and narrative on what someone else is saying—therefore not really hearing what they are saying to you. Respond by summarizing what they communicated and how they feel, you may learn that you have misinterpreted what they have said.

It Makes You Think Beyond Your Individual Experience

Even if you have had a very similar experience your feelings and approach to any situation in life may be vastly different than the person you are talking with. Since there is no singular way to achieve any goal or respond to any situation this is an excellent food for thought. And, if they are sharing something you’ve never experienced or considered it is your opportunity to learn something new and think beyond your experience.

It Makes The Listener Feel Heard

Whether at work or in your professional life we all want to feel validated. When you repeat back and summarize what someone has just said, it makes them feel heard. Even if you are a bit off, having the opportunity to clarify what they have said is likely to boost your bond with them.

Here’s to your new and improved communication skills!

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