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3 Easy Ways To Spend More Time In Nature

3 Easy Ways To Spend More Time In Nature

Even if you enjoy spending time outdoors your schedule may get so busy that you don’t get in your weekly nature fix. Here are 3 easy ways to spend more time in nature.

Schedule It In

When planning your next few weeks schedule at least one activity with friends and family that will get you outdoors. It doesn’t need to be an active activity, as a picnic, leisurely stroll, or coffee while sitting in a park will do.

Take Your Workout Outdoors

Aim to have at least one of your weekly workouts outdoors. This could include jogging, walking, hiking, cycling, yoga, meditation, or an outdoor fitness class. The key is in finding a location that isn’t just outdoors but in a space that is lush and green, or with a gorgeous view of a local waterway. Make the most of your time by inviting your partner, friend, or family.

A Nature Getaway

Whether it’s a day trip, weekend getaway or full vacation plan periodic nature getaways. Make the most of your time by unplugging, other than maybe music or your e-reader. In just 20 minutes you will enjoy the calming benefits of time in nature, but take it up to at least 2 hours and you will feel revitalized.

Here’s to enjoying the beauty and natural healing power of mother earth.

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