There’s More To Lash Services Than Meets The Eye

There’s More To Lash Services Than Meets The Eye

If you are someone who wears little to no makeup, only wears false lashes as part of costumes, and has never considered the growing trend in lash extensions—you might be missing out. There is more to lash services than meets the eye.

Lash Extensions Don’t Have To Look Fake

Many ladies opt to have their lash extensions applied in a manner that is bold, but subtle is an option too. If your lashes are thin, light in color, or don’t curl you can have a partial set applied to give you the lashes you have always dreamed of. Go in for a refill every 3 to 4 weeks.

Say Goodbye To Mascara With Lash Tinting

There’s no need to apply mascara with extensions, but that’s not your only mascara-free option. Head to a lash specialist to inquire about tinting your lashes with a natural plant-based dye so that you don’t have to put on mascara anymore. This will save you time in the morning, eliminate mascara smudges once and for all, and darken light lashes. You can even have your brows tinted to match. Retint your lashes every 3 weeks.

Curl Your Lashes

If your lashes are the length and color you desire but look their best when curled, you can have your lashes professionally curled. Results last about 4 weeks, and yes, you can curl and tint your lashes at the same time.

The lash services above are timesaving ways many women are simplifying their beauty routine.

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