Leaving Your Current Job With Grace

Leaving Your Current Job With Grace

Whether you are moving to a new city or state or it’s simply time to move on, you want to leave your current job with grace. The tips below will help.

Your Boss Should Be The First To Know

You might have a workplace BFF who knows you are job hunting—but when you accept an offer your boss should be the first to know. Hearing that you are moving on from anyone other than you can cause a multitude of problems.

Give Proper Notice

Unless there is an emergency situation, like a sick family member, you must give at least 2 weeks notice. However, there are some management and executive positions where giving more notice would be well advised.

Maintain Your Quality Of Work

You want to leave on a good note with everyone from your boss to your colleagues, the team you manage, and the HR department. Make an effort to engage with everyone one-on-one in your last few weeks, and maintain a high quality of work.

Create An Exit Plan

This will vary depending on your position but create an exit plan. This might include leaving a detailed report of everything that needs to get done, writing up your monthly calendar and commitments, updating your job description, letting clients know you are leaving and who your replacement will be, and maybe even training your replacement.

Last but not least, remain positive but be sure to give an honest and fair exit interview.

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