What Makes Fashion Sustainable?

What Makes Fashion Sustainable

Everyone from budget retailers to luxury designers is responding to the growing demand for ethical fashion. But what is it that makes fashion sustainable?

How It’s Made

There is not just one thing that makes fashion sustainable, but how it’s made is high on the list. This might include utilizing organic materials, organic dyes, natural materials, or recycled or upcycled materials. For some, it means vegan clothing or brands who confirm that the animals they source their materials from (such as sheep for wool) are treated ethically. It also encompasses the quality of the garment, related to if it is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Last but not least, ethical fashion includes fair employee wages and fair working conditions.

Green Shipping And Production

Every little bit adds up which is why designers are also looking for ways to green shipping and production. From improving energy efficiency to using green cleaning chemicals, and how they recycle within their factories and plants. With online shopping on the rise, it must also include greening product packaging and shipping materials.

With fast fashion a favorite of many brands many conscious shoppers are looking to invest in brands who are committed to sustainability—without compromising their individual style. This includes purchasing from greener skincare and beauty brands.

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