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How Are Your Mobile Phone Manners?

Mobile Phone Manners

Our mobile phones are required for both our personal and professional life but by being constantly connected many of us have lost our mobile phone manners. Here’s how to check yourself.

  1. Is your volume too loud when in public?
  2. Is your ringtone appropriate for the occasion?
  3. Are you mindful of where you absolutely must turn your phone off such as church, funerals, weddings, movie theaters, library, in class, at the doctor’s office, at the spa, etc?
  4. When you talk on your phone in public are you mindful of how loud you are speaking—which can be tricky when wearing a headset.
  5. Do you know when to give your full attention by turning your phone face down or keeping it in your pocket or purse? This might include family dinner, date night, coffee with friends, or in a meeting at work.
  6. Are you mindful of the times of day you call or text others? For example, if it’s after-hours send an email instead. Or do the math and consider what time zone the person you are reaching out to is in.
  7. Do you use hands-free? Never, ever under any circumstance text and drive—not even at stoplights. If you must talk on your phone use a hands-free device.
  8. Are you using appropriate language when on your phone in public?

Happy talking and texting!

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