How To Make Your Makeup Stay Put

How To Make Your Makeup Stay Put

Whether you want your makeup to last all day or you will be out and about in warm weather you want your makeup to stay put. These tips will help.

Ditch Mascara

Even waterproof mascara smears or can leave you with unsightly raccoon eyes at the end of the day. So, ditch your mascara once and for all. Not to worry as you can still make your lashes stand out with magnetic eyelashes, mink falsies, eyelash lifting, and tinting, or lash extensions.

Prime And Set Your Makeup

Apply a primer after your moisturizer and before you apply your foundation. Then set your makeup with a finishing spray. MAC Prep & Prime is a top pick but you have plenty of options to choose from. Carry it with you to reapply mid-day, just be sure to shake before using and spray at least one foot from your face.

Switch Makeup By Season

Cream eye shadows and blush do a better job of staying put when it’s hot and humid. You can wear all-day lipstick formulas year-round but if you don’t like the way they look or feel opt for a lip stain instead. You can find some great cheek stains too. To keep regular lipstick, gloss, and tinted balms in place—use a lip liner before applying. For maximum versatility use a clear lip liner which you can find from brands like CoverGirl, Mary Kay, and E.L.F. When it comes to foundation an all-day formula is a must.

Whether you wear a lot of makeup or just enough to refine your look these tips will ensure your makeup stays put.

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