What Does It Mean To Hold Something Sacred?

Hold Something Sacred

Beyond our values, many of us have things that we hold so near that they are considered sacred. But what does it meant to hold something sacred?

Not Just Reserved For Religion

Many religions have collective beliefs that are held sacred but you don’t have to practice a particular religion to hold something sacred—and you can hold things sacred beyond your religious doctrine. Anything that you cherish, are dedicated to, or hold in reverence may be sacred to you.

There Is No Right Or Wrong

What you hold sacred could be anything from authenticity to kindness, integrity, the earth, and environment, your bond with your partner, your relationship with your dad, contributing to equality and humanity, or the light you see in a child’s eye. It could even be a place you visit that is uniquely special to you.

All Things Evolve

When it comes to the things we value and hold sacred we often think of these things as fixed and life-long. While some of what you hold nearest and dearest may indeed change, as you experience more of what life has to offer you may expand or exchange your sacred beliefs.

While we must not compromise our beliefs and things we hold sacred we must keep our hearts and our minds open.

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