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What Healthy Competition Looks Like

What Healthy Competition Looks Like

Everyone responds differently when they hear the word “competition”. For some, this word is a source of motivation for others a source of stress and anxiety. Whether in sports or at work or home—here is what healthy competition looks like.

Unhealthy Competition

Let’s first begin with what unhealthy competition looks like. If you are driven to achieve by fear, scarcity, validation, or a need for attention—you are competing for the wrong reasons. If wining or your competitive strategy includes diminishing others or winning at all costs you are taking an unhealthy approach to achieving your goals. In fact, you may not even want to achieve your goal, just to win.

Healthy Competition

While you may still feel a nervous excitement, healthy competition is centered around challenging yourself to be and do your best. You cheer others on and feel inspired (not jealous) by their success. You are also someone who sees the value of joining together with the most capable in your field to take things to the next level because we always get further together than alone. You feel a sense of unity with your fellow competitors and win or lose you see the value in your pursuit. This is approach is full of integrity and centered around something meaningful to you.

You May Not Get It Right 100% Of The Time

For some, healthy competitive habits come naturally, but for those new to this mindset—as you shift your competition style you may not get it right 100% of the time. This is ok as long as you notice where you can do better, own it, and do what you can to rectify your behavior.

Not everyone will adopt this healthy shift, but you are only accountable for what you do.

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