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What Is Integrative Healthcare?

What Is Integrative Healthcare

There is a growing trend in embracing functional and integrative healthcare. This goes beyond working with alternative practitioners such as chiropractic and naturopathy to utilizing traditional western medicine to do more than just treat symptoms.

What Is An Integrative Approach?

An integrative approach goes beyond symptoms and test results to identifying the underlying cause. It is built around creating a care plan that treats the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. Without identifying the root cause the symptoms may be minimized or masked but they may never go away, which is why many patients are making the move to integrative.

Integrative Appointments Take Longer

Expect your initial integrative appointment to take at least an hour as your physician will ask whole body health questions and will dig deeper than a simple yes or no response. Most integrative practitioners work together as part of a team which is good as your doctor will have help brainstorming both the cause and the plan of healing.

Last but not least, yes integrative practitioners are trained in traditional Western medicine they just take a different approach than your average primary care physician. So, if you’re current health care plan isn’t working it may be time to consider an integrative practitioner.

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