Do Facial Rollers Really Work?

Facial Rollers

With a variety of facial tools to choose from you might be considering giving facial rollers a try. But do they really work?

Improved Circulation

There are many rollers to choose from but what they all have in common is that they improve circulation in your face. This helps to decrease acne, puffy eyes, and the intensity of fine lines and wrinkles.

Release Toxins And Tension

Facial rolling is an excellent way to alleviate tension in your hard to access facial and neck muscles and is especially useful for anyone who clenches their jaw. Rollers can also be used to drain lymph nodes and release toxins in your face which is one area of the body we often forget to detoxify.

Intensifying Facial Products

To get the most out of your facial serums and moisturizers consider using a facial roller to massage them into your skin. This one benefit alone can rapidly improve how soft, smooth and moisture-rich your skin is—which helps you achieve the full anti-aging benefits of the products you choose.

Use all facial rollers as directed and don’t forget to use them on your neck and décolletage too.

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