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How To Make Kombucha Taste Better

Make Kombucha Taste Better

When it comes to the digestive and probiotic benefits of fermented foods there is nothing that compares to how fast and effective kombucha is. That being said, you are not alone if you don’t love its flavor profile. Here are a few ways to make your kombucha taste better.

Try Multiple Brands And Flavors

Keep trying until you find a brand or flavor that you like best. And remember you can enjoy the benefits of kombucha by drinking just 4 ounces 2 or 3 times per day, so spread it out. Drink before your meal for digestive benefits or on an empty stomach for probiotic benefits.

Try A Local Brew

You are likely to have at least one or two restaurants or health food stores that brew their own kombucha, so give there option a try as you may find a home-brew to be less hoppy or sour. You could even give brewing your own a try. As an added benefit, home-brews cost less.

Mix It

Like many things, the flavor profile will get easier to bear, but in the meantime, you can mix your kombucha with a bit of water, juice, tea, or even lemonade to tone it down a bit. However, the goal is to be able to drink it solo.

Stick with it and you will feel the benefits in just a few weeks!

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