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Never Underestimate The Benefits Of A Nearcation

Benefits Of A Nearcation

Whether it’s time or budget you may only be able to afford one vacation a year if that—but never underestimate the benefits of a nearcation.

There Is So Much To See Just A Few Hours Away

It doesn’t matter where you live you can hop in the car and drive 4 hours or less and find something fun to do. I really learned this while living in Chicago where I could immerse myself in nature by driving an hour or easily hop over to the 3 surrounding states. This made nearcations the perfect weekend getaway.

A Break From Monotony Is All You Need

While it might sound more exciting to go farther away you will still enjoy all the relaxing benefits of a full vacation—and far more than with a staycation. By breaking the monotony of your usual routine and enjoying a change of scenery and pace you can come back after a few days away feeling renewed.

Unplugging Is Key

The key to any successful vacation is to unplug, ideally for the entire time off—but at the very least for dedicated chunks of time each day. So, even if it’s a working vacation schedule in blocks of time when you are in full-vacation mode.

Here’s to enjoying more quality time off!

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