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How To Boost Your Protein Intake On A Vegan Or Plant-Based Diet

Boost Your Protein Intake On A Vegan Or Plant-Based Diet

When you eliminate or eat only minimal servings of dairy and meat you need to be mindful of your protein intake, as well as your levels of calcium and iron. Here are a few tips to boost your protein intake.

Take A Collagen Supplement

An often forgotten protein, collagen is essential for keeping our fascia healthy and maintaining healthy hair and skin. Stir collagen powder into your morning coffee, blend it into your smoothie, or take a supplement. With just 3 days a week, you can enjoy the benefits of increasing collagen. And you can find powder and supplements with both calcium and collagen.

Meal Plan With More Than One Protein Source Per Meal

Where most who are new to vegan and plant-based diets go wrong is in selecting a solo protein source per meal, when it is more effective (and satisfying) to have more than one protein source per meal. For example, your vegan burger patty has protein—but use hummus as a mayonnaise alternative and add a few avocado slices or mushrooms on top. Or, although your lentil soup is your main course add a bit of protein to your salad with nuts, seeds, and quinoa.

Make Sure Your Snacks Include Protein

Don’t just snack on fruit, veggies, or veggie chips between your meals—as you need a bit of protein in your snacks too. Vegan snack bars, nuts, seeds, nut butter, or a homemade bean dip are all excellent options.  

Adding multiple protein sources to your meal will contribute to your nutritional diversity and will make your meal taste better. Most importantly you will feel full when you are done eating!

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