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Why The Konmarie Method May Be A Better Fit Than Minimalism

Why The Konmarie MethodMay Be A Better Fit Than Minimalism

Do you like the idea of minimalism but it’s too extreme for you? Or have you tried it and it wasn’t the right fit? Here are just a few reasons why Konmarie may be a better fit than minimalism.

A More Balanced Approach

Yes, living with less can be less stressful but many take minimalistic living too far—to the extreme of deprivation and scarcity mindset. It can even begin to feel like a sort of punishment, like “why should I have more” or “other people live with less so I should be able to live with less too”. With Konmarie you take a more balanced approach to downsizing your possession with the goal of creating more joyfulness with the items you have in your home.

You Don’t Have To Move

Adopt the minimalist principles that work for you. For example, you don’t have to move into a smaller home. Konmarie focuses more on thanking your home for being your safe haven and providing you with shelter and a place to relax and share quality time with the ones you love. So, if a tiny house or smaller apartment doesn’t appeal to you—stay where you are as there are a long list of other lifestyle changes you can make.  

With whatever changes you make remember joy is always the top priority!

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